February 06, 2019

New Titles from Neill Public Library....

By Leslie Connor
Available in: Print, eBook and eAudio

Mason has felt the sting of classmates’ taunts and the local police chief’s suspicion of his possible involvement in a friend’s tragic death.  However, Mason’s amazing spirit and self-deprecating personality serve him well. When Mason’s new friend goes missing, he is determined to help find out what happened and show everyone he has been telling the truth all along.  A powerful, tender read in which Mason stands out as a shining example for us all. 

By Jonathan Auxier
Available in: Print and eBook

Set in nineteenth century England, author Auxier weaves an unforgettable tale of fantasy and historical fiction.  When little Nan Sparrow becomes an orphan she begins the thankless and filthy job as a chimney sweep. At the hands of a ruthless chimney sweep overseer, she finds herself in extreme peril - stuck in a ghastly chimney. What would have been a tragedy, instead becomes a heroic tale with Nan, a loving Golem monster and the people in in her town who have their eyes opened to the truth of the lives and deaths of chimney sweeping children in their midst. 

By A.P. Winter
Available in: Print

Buckle up for a grand adventure full of mystery, magic and over-the-top fantasy.  When a number of unfortunate magical events result in young Bert being in a peck of trouble, along comes Finch, a metal-legged girl with a spirit of epic proportions. This two-person adventurous team find themselves on a journey to find the lost land of Ferenor.  A highly imaginative tale with pirates, steampunk gadgets and more! 

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