September 30, 2011

Fantasy Books for Teens

The Rope Trick   by Lloyd Alexander
Juvenile Fiction—ALEXAND
Motivated by her quest to learn a legendary rope trick, the magician Princess Lidi and her troupe embark on a journey through Renaissance Italy that intertwines adventure, love, and mystery.

Skellig   by David Almond
Juvenile Fiction—ALMOND
Unhappy about his baby sister's illness and the chaos of moving into a dilapidated old house, Michael retreats to the garage and finds a mysterious stranger who is something like a bird and something like an angel.

The Door to Time   by Pierdomenico Baccalario
Juvenile Fiction—BACCALA
After moving from London to an old mansion on the English coast, eleven-year-old twins Jason and Julia discover that their new home has twisting tunnels, strange artifacts from around the world, and a mysterious, locked door.

The Ancient One   by T.A. Barron
Juvenile Fiction—BARRON
While helping her Great Aunt Melanie try to protect an Oregon redwood forest from loggers, thirteen-year-old Kate goes back five centuries through a time tunnel and faces the evil creature Gashra, who is bent on destroying the same forest.

Tithe: a Modern Faerie Tale   by Holly Black
Young Adult Fiction—BLACK
After returning home from a tour with her mother's rock band, sixteen-year-old Kaye, who has been visited by faeries since childhood, discovers that she herself is a magical faerie creature with a special destiny. Sequel follows.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland   by Lewis Caroll
Juvenile Fiction—CARROLL
A little girl falls down a rabbit hole and discovers a world of nonsensical and amusing characters.

Fire Bringer   by David Clement-Davies
Young Adult Fiction—CLEMENT
Rannoch, a talking deer and the subject of an ancient prophecy must protect his herd from the villainous Lord of the Herd.

The Sight
   by David Clement-Davies
Young Adult Fiction—CLEMENT
In Transylvania during the Middle Ages, a pack of wolves sets out on a perilous journey to prevent their enemy--an embittered lone wolf named Morgra--from calling upon the legendary Evil One that will give her the power to control all animals.

The Wish List   by Eoin Colfer
Young Adult Fiction—COLFER
Meg Finn is in trouble. She's dead, but not at peace--she's in limbo, her good deeds perfectly balanced against her bad deeds; Heaven or Hell wait, a tip of the scale away. So she's back on Earth trying to tip the scale to the good by helping her last victim, and her former "partner" is also back, trying to force her to tip the scale to the bad.

The Boggart   by Susan Cooper
Juvenile Fiction—COOPER
After visiting the castle in Scotland which her family has inherited and returning home to Canada, twelve-year-old Emily finds that she has accidentally brought back with her a boggart, an invisible and mischievous spirit with a fondness for practical jokes. Sequel follows.

The Witches   by Roald Dahl
Juvenile Fiction—DAHL
Grandmamma loves to tell about witches. Real witches are the most dangerous of all living creatures on earth. There's nothing they hate so much as children, and they work all kinds of terrifying spells to get rid of them. Her grandson listens closely to Grandmamma's stories -- but nothing can prepare him for the day he comes face to face with The Grand High Witch herself!

The Tale of Despereaux   by Kate DiCamillo
Juvenile Fiction—DICAMIL
The adventures of Desperaux Tilling, a small mouse of unusual talents, the princess that he loves, the servant girl who longs to be a princess, and a devious rat determined to bring them all to ruin.

Hatching Magic   by Ann Downer
Juvenile Fiction—DOWNER
When a thirteenth-century wizard confronts twenty-first century Boston while seeking his pet dragon, he is followed by a rival wizard and a very unhappy demon, but eleven-year-old Theodora Oglethorpe may hold the secret to setting everything right.

The Hollow Kingdom   by Clare Dunkle
Young Adult Fiction—DUNKLE
In nineteenth-century England, a powerful sorcerer and King of the Goblins chooses Kate, the elder of two orphan girls recently arrived at their ancestral home, Hallow Hill, to be his bride and queen.

Half Magic   by Edward Eager
Juvenile Fiction—EAGER
Faced with a dull summer in the city, Jane, Mark, Katharine, and Martha suddenly find themselves involved in a series of extraordinary adventures after Jane discovers an ordinary-looking coin that seems to grant wishes. Sequel follows.

The Neverending Story   by Michael Ende
Juvenile Fiction—ENDE
A boy enters a fantasy world through the pages of an old book, and he sets about trying to save its empress to keep the enchantment alive.

Lost in Time   by Hans Magnus Enzensberger
Young Adult Fiction—ENZENSB
A German teenager begins to lose his identity and any hope of returning to the present when his time-traveling journeys take him further and further into the past.

The Sea of Trolls   by Nancy Farmer
Young Adult Fiction—FARMER
After Jack becomes apprenticed to a Druid bard, he and his little sister Lucy are captured by Viking Berserkers and taken to the home of King Ivar the Boneless and his half-troll queen, leading Jack to undertake a vital quest to Jotunheim, home of the trolls.  Sequel follows.

Coraline   by Neil Gaiman
Young Adult Fiction—GAIMAN
Looking for excitement, Coraline ventures through a mysterious door into a world that is similar, yet disturbingly different from her own, where she must challenge a gruesome entity in order to save herself, her parents, and the souls of three others.

The Healer’s Keep   by Victoria Hanley
Young Adult Fiction—HANLEY
Sara and Dorjan, both new students at the legendary Healer's Keep, a training school for people gifted in the healing arts, combine their talents in an effort to combat the dark forces of the Shadow King.

Stravaganza: City of Masks   by Mary Hoffman
Young Adult Fiction—HOFFMAN
While sick in bed with cancer, Lucien begins making journeys to a place in a parallel world that resembles Venice, Italy, and he becomes caught up in the political intrigues surrounding the Duchessa who rules the city.

The Secret of Platform 13   by Eva Ibbotson
Juvenile Fiction—IBBOTSO
Odge Gribble, a young hag, accompanies an old wizard, a gentle fey, and a giant ogre on their mission through a magical tunnel from their Island to London to rescue their King and Queen's son who had been stolen as an infant.

Howl’s Moving Castle   by Diana Wynne Jones
Young Adult Fiction—JONES
Eldest of three sisters in a land where it is considered to be a misfortune, Sophie is resigned to her fate as a hat shop apprentice until a witch turns her into an old woman and she finds herself in castle of the greatly feared wizard Howl.

The Hunting of the Last Dragon   by Sherryl Jordan
Juvenile Fiction—JORDAN
In England in 1356, as a monk records his every word, a young peasant tells of his journey with a young Chinese noblewoman to St. Alfric's Cove and the lair of a dragon.

Secret Sacrament   by Sherryl Jordan
Young Adult Fiction—JORDAN
A disturbing incident when he is only seven years old foreshadows the role Gabriel will play in the relations between his Navorran people and the Shinali, a role which is solidified when he becomes an Elected One and trains to be a Healer.

The Shamer’s Daughter   by Lene Kaaberbol
Young Adult Fiction—KAABERB
After her mother, a Shamer, is summoned to Dunark for a mission, ten-year-old Dina is forced to use her own special powers as she is caught up in an adventure of political intrigue and survival.

Scepter of the Ancients   by Derek Landry
Young Adult Fiction—LANDRY
When twelve-year-old Stephanie inherits her weird uncle's estate, she must join forces with Skulduggery Pleasant, a skeleton mage, to save the world from the Faceless Ones.

Troll Fell   by Katherine Langrish
Young Adult Fiction—LANGRIS
Forced to live with his evil identical-twin uncles after his father's death, twelve-year-old Peer tries to find a way to stop their plan to sell the neighbor's children to the trolls.

Gifts   by Ursula K. LeGuin
Young Adult Fiction—LEGUIN
When a young man in the Uplands blinds himself rather than use his gift of "unmaking"--a violent talent shared by members of his family--he upsets the precarious balance of power among rival, feuding families, each of which has a strange and deadly talent of its own.

The Princess and the Goblin   by George MacDonald
Juvenile Fiction—MACDONA
A little princess is protected by her friend Curdie from the goblin miners who live beneath the castle.

The Magician’s Apprentice   by Tom McGowen
Juvenile Fiction—MCGOWEN
A young pickpocket becomes apprenticed to a magician who opens a whole new world for the boy, not only of magic and healing, but of kindness and adventure. Together they seek knowledge lost since the Age of Magic thousands of years before.

The Hero and the Crown   by Robin McKinley
Juvenile Fiction—MCKINLE
Aerin, with the guidance of the wizard Luthe and the help of the blue sword, wins the birthright due her as the daughter of the Damarian king and a witchwoman of the mysterious, demon-haunted North. Sequel follows.

Spindle’s End   by Robin McKinley
Young Adult Fiction—MCKINLE
The infant princess Briar Rose is cursed on her name day by Pernicia, an evil fairy, and then whisked away by a young fairy to be raised in a remote part of a magical country, unaware of her real identity and hidden from Pernicia's vengeful powers.

East   by Edith Pattou
Young Adult Fiction—PATTOU
A young woman journeys to a distant castle on the back of a great white bear who is the victim of a cruel enchantment.

Trickster’s Choice   by Tamora Pierce
Young Adult Fiction—PIERCE
Alianne must call forth her mother's courage and her father's wit in order to survive on the Copper Isles in a royal court rife with political intrigue and murderous conspiracy. Sequel follows.

The Perilous Guard   by Elizabeth Pope
Juvenile Fiction—POPE
In 1558 while imprisoned in a remote castle, a young girl becomes involved in a series of events that leads to an underground labyrinth peopled by the last practitioners of druidic magic.

Here Lies Arthur   by Philip Reeve
Young Adult Fiction—REEVE
When her village is attacked and burned, Gwyna seeks protection from the bard Myrddin, who uses Gwyna in his plan to transform young Arthur into the heroic King Arthur.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them   by J.K. Rowling
Juvenile Fiction—ROWLING
The text for Hogwarts' Care of Magical Creatures class.

Quidditch Through the Ages   by J.K. Rowling
Juvenile Fiction—ROWLING
A book on the origins and development of the wizarding game of Quidditch.

The Tales of Beedle the Bard   by J.K. Rowling
Juvenile Fiction—ROWLING
Contains five illustrated moral tales for children from the world of Harry Potter, reportedly discovered and translated by the young witch Hermione Granger, with an introduction and commentary from Albus Dumbledore, headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

A School for Sorcery   by Rose Sabin
Juvenile Fiction—SABIN
Both apprehensive and excited about her new school, The Lesley Simonton School for the Magically Gifted Tria Tesserel is nevertheless unprepared for her biggest shock of all: her new roommate, Lina.

The Little Prince   by Antoine de Saint Exupery
Juvenile Fiction—SAINTEX
An aviator whose plane is forced down in the Sahara Desert encounters a little man from a small planet who describes his adventures in the universe seeking the secret of what is really important in life.

The Unseen   Zilpha Keatley Snyder
Young Adult Fiction—SNYDER
Feeling angry and out-of-place in her large family, twelve-year-old Xandra finds a magical key to a world of ghostly, sometimes frightening, phantoms that help her see herself and her siblings more clearly.

The Mysterious Benedict Society   by Trent Lee Stewart
Juvenile Fiction—STEWART
After passing a series of mind-bending tests, four children are selected for a secret mission that requires them to go undercover at the Learning Institute for the Very Enlightened, where the only rule is that there are no rules.

Dragon of the Lost Sea   by Laurence Yep
Juvenile Fiction—YEP
Shimmer, a renegade dragon princess, tries to redeem herself by capturing a witch with the help of a human boy.

Dragon Cauldron   by Laurence Yep
Juvenile Fiction—YEP
A dragon named Shimmer, a monkey wizard, a reformed witch, and two humans go on a quest to mend the magic cauldron needed to repair the dragon’s home.


The Secrets of Droon   by Tony Abbott
Juvenile Fiction Series—DROON #1
    First Title: The Hidden Stairs and the Magic Carpet
Eric and his friends find entry into the world of Droon by using a staircase in Eric's basement.

The Chronicles of Prydain   by Lloyd Alexander
Juvenile Fiction—ALEXAND
    First Title: The Book of Three
Taran, Assistant Pig-Keeper to a famous oracular sow, sets out on a hazardous mission to save Prydain from the forces of evil.

The Lost Years of Merlin   by T.A. Barron
Young Adult Fiction—BARRON
    First Title: The Lost Years of Merlin
A young boy who has no identity nor memory of his past washes ashore on the coast of Wales and finds his true name after a series of fantastic adventures.

Oz   by L. Frank Baum
Juvenile Fiction—BAUM
    First Title: The Wizard of Oz
After being transported by a cyclone to the land of Oz, Dorothy and her dog are befriended by a scarecrow, a tin man, and a cowardly lion, who accompany her to the Emerald City to look for a wizard who can help Dorothy return home to Kansas.

The Spiderwick Chronicles   by Holly Black
Juvenile Fiction Series—SPIDER #1
    First Title: The Field Guide
When the Grace children go to stay at their Great Aunt Lucinda's worn Victorian house, they discover a field guide to fairies and other creatures and begin to have some unusual experiences.

The Faerie Wars Chronicles   by Herbie Brennan
Young Adult Fiction—BRENNAN
    First Title: The Faerie Wars
Troubled by family problems, Henry finds his life taking a whole new dimension when he and his friend, old Mr. Fogarty, become involved with Prince Pyrgus Malvae who has been sent from the faerie world in order to escape the treacherous Faeries of the Night.

Artemis Fowl   by Eoin Colfer
Young Adult Fiction—COLFER
    First Title: Artemis Fowl
When a twelve-year-old evil genius tries to restore his family fortune by capturing a fairy and demanding a ransom in gold, the fairies fight back with magic, technology, and a particularly nasty troll.

The Underland Chronicles   by Suzanne Collins
Young Adult Fiction—COLLINS
    First Title: Gregor the Overlander
When eleven-year-old Gregor and his two-year-old sister are pulled into a strange underground world, they trigger an epic battle involving men, bats, rats, cockroaches, and spiders while on a quest foretold by ancient prophecy.

The Dark is Rising Sequence   by Susan Cooper
Juvenile Fiction—COOPER
    First Title: Over Sea, Under Stone
Three children on a holiday in Cornwall find an ancient manuscript which sends them on a dangerous quest for a grail that would reveal the true story of King Arthur.

Magic Shop   by Bruce Coville
Juvenile Fiction—COVILLE
    First Title: The Monster’s Ring
A timid boy, eager to frighten the school bully on Halloween night, acquires a magic ring and the power to change himself into a hideous monster.

The Last Apprentice   by Joseph Delaney
Juvenile Fiction—DELANEY
    First Title: Revenge of the Witch
Young Tom, the seventh son of a seventh son, starts work as an apprentice for the village spook, whose job is to protect ordinary folk from "ghouls, boggarts, and all manner of wicked beasties."

David Rain   by Chris D’Lacey
Young Adult Fiction—DLACEY
    First Title: The Fire Within
When college student David Rain rents a room in an unusual boardinghouse full of clay dragons, he has no idea that they, along with some lively squirrels, will help jumpstart his writing career.

Ember   by Jeanne DuPrau
Juvenile Fiction—DUPRAU
    First Title: The City of Ember
In the year 241, twelve-year-old Lina trades jobs on Assignment Day to be a Messenger to run to new places in her decaying but beloved city, perhaps even to glimpse Unknown Regions.

Daughters of the Moon   by Lynne Ewing
Young Adult Fiction—EWING
    First Title: Goddess of the Night
Vanessa, who has always had the special power to become invisible, discovers that she and her best friend Catty, a time-traveler, are goddesses of the moon who must fight together to overcome the evil Atrox.

The Ranger’s Apprentice   by John Flanagan
Young Adult Fiction—FLANAGA
    First Title: The Ruins of Gorlan
When fifteen-year-old Will is rejected by battle school, he becomes the reluctant apprentice to the mysterious Ranger Halt, and winds up protecting the kingdom from danger.

The Dragon Chronicles   by Susan Fletcher
Juvenile Fiction—FLETCHE
    First Title: Dragon’s Milk
Kaeldra, an outsider adopted by an Elythian family as a baby, possesses the power to understand dragons and uses this power to try to save her younger sister who needs dragon's milk to recover from an illness.

Inkheart Trilogy   by Cornelia Funke
Young Adult Fiction—FUNKE
    First Title: Inkheart
Twelve-year-old Meggie learns that her father, who repairs and binds books for a living, can "read" fictional characters to life when one of those characters abducts them and tries to force him into service.

Pure Dead   by Debi Gliori
Juvenile Fiction—GLIORI
    First Title: Pure Dead Magic
When their father is kidnapped and danger looms, the Strega-Borgia children, their mysterious new nanny, and a giant tarantula use magic and actual trips through the Internet to bring peace to their Scottish castle.

The Warriors   by Erin Hunter
Young Adult Fiction—HUNTER
    First Title: Into the Wild
For generations, four clans of wild cats have shared the forest. When their warrior code is threatened by mysterious deaths, a house cat named Rusty may turn out to be the bravest warrior of all.

Redwall   by Brian Jacques
Juvenile Fiction—JACQUES
    First Title: Redwall
When the peaceful life of ancient Redwall Abbey is shattered by the arrival of the evil rat Cluny and his villainous hordes, Matthias, a young mouse, determines to find the legendary sword of Martin the Warrior which, he is convinced, will help Redwall’s inhabitants destroy the enemy.

Chrestomanci   by Diana Wynne Jones
Juvenile Fiction—JONES
    First Title: Charmed Life
Gwendolen Chant and her brother Cat find the Chrestomancie Castle family's magic powers difficult to counter with the inferior powers of the Coven Street witches.

Guardians of Ga’Hoole   by Kathryn Lasky
Young Adult Fiction—LASKY
    First Title: The Capture
Four owls band together to save the owl world from an unimaginable evil.

The Claidi Journals   by Tanith Lee
Juvenile Fiction—LEE
    First Title: Wolf Tower
When a stranger is captured by the Guards of the House and Garden where she has worked all her life as a slave and maid, sixteen-year-old Claidi helps him escape and sets out with him to journey to his home city through the dangerous Waste.

Earthsea   by Ursula L. LeGuin
Juvenile Fiction—LEGUIN
    First Title: A Wizard of Earthsea
A boy grows to manhood while attempting to subdue the evil he unleashed on the world as an apprentice to the Master Wizard.

Time Quartet   by Madeleine L’Engle
Juvenile Fiction—LENGLE
    First Title: A Wrinkle in Time
Thirteen-year-old Meg Murry, her little brother Charles Wallace, and their friend Calvin are guided by unearthly strangers as they go on a journey through space and time to search for Meg's and Charles' scientist father who disappeared while experimenting with a new form of space travel. Includes related readings and study questions.

The Chronicles of Narnia   by C.S. Lewis
Juvenile Fiction—LEWIS
    First Title: The Magician’s Nephew
When Digory and Polly try to return the wicked witch Jadis to her own world, the magic gets mixed up and they all land in Narnia where they witness Aslan blessing the animals with human speech.

Pendragon   by D.J. MacHale
Young Adult Fiction—MACHALE
    First Title: The Merchant of Death
Bobby Pendragon is a seemingly normal fourteen-year-old boy. He has a family, a home, and even Marley, his beloved dog. But there is something very special about Bobby. He is going to save the world. Before he can object, he is swept off to an alternate dimension known as Denduron, a territory inhabited by strange beings, ruled by a magical tyrant, and plagued by dangerous revolution.

Fablehaven   by Brandon Mull
Young Adult Fiction—MULL
    First Title: Fablehaven
When Kendra and Seth go to stay at their grandparents' estate, they discover that it is a sanctuary for magical creatures and that a battle between good and evil is looming.

The Wind on Fire   by William Nicholson
Young Adult Fiction—NICHOLS
    First Title: The Wind Singer
After Kestrel Hath rebels against the stifling rules of Amaranth society and is forced to flee, she, along with her twin brother and a tagalong classmate, follow an ancient map in quest of the legendary silver voice of the wind singer, in an attempt to heal Amaranth and its people.

Children of the Red King   by Jenny Nimmo
Young Adult Fiction—NIMMO
    First Title: Midnight for Charlie Bone
Charlie Bone’s life with his widowed mother and two grandmothers undergoes a dramatic change when he discovers that he can hear people in photographs talking.

Keys to the Kingdom   by Garth Nix
Young Adult Fiction—NIX
    First Title: Mister Monday
Arthur Penhaligon is supposed to die at a young age, but is saved by a key that is shaped like the minute hand of a clock. The key causes bizarre creatures to come from another realm, bringing with them a plague. A man named Mister Monday will stop at nothing to get the key back. Arthur goes to a mysterious house that only he can see, so that he can learn the truth about himself and the key.

The Old Kingdom   by Garth Nix
Young Adult Fiction—NIX
    First Title: Sabriel
Sabriel, daughter of the necromancer Abhorsen, must journey into the mysterious and magical Old Kingdom to rescue her father from the Land of the Dead.

Airborn   by Kenneth Oppel
Young Adult Fiction—OPPEL
    First Title: Airborn
Matt, a young cabin boy aboard an airship, and Kate, a wealthy young girl traveling with her chaperone, team up to search for the existence of mysterious winged creatures reportedly living hundreds of feet above the Earth's surface.

Inheritance   by Christopher Paolini
Young Adult Fiction—PAOLINI
    First Title: Eragon
In Aagaesia, a fifteen-year-old boy of unknown lineage called Eragon finds a mysterious stone that weaves his life into an intricate tapestry of destiny, magic, and power, peopled with dragons, elves, and monsters.

Circle of Magic   by Tamora Pierce
Juvenile Fiction—PIERCE
    First Title: Sandry’s Book
Four young misfits find themselves living in a strictly disciplined temple community where they become friends while also learning to do crafts and to use their powers, especially magic.

His Dark Materials   by Philip Pullman
Young Adult Fiction—PULLMAN
    First Title: The Golden Compass
Accompanied by her daemon, Lyra Belacqua sets out to prevent her best friend and other kidnapped children from becoming the subject of gruesome experiments in the Far North.

The Hungry City Chronicles   by Philip Reeve
Young Adult Fiction—REEVE
    First Title: Mortal Engines
Tom, a third class apprentice in a distant future in which technology has been lost and tiered cities move about the Earth on caterpillar tracks, often absorbing smaller locales, has many dangerous adventures after being pushed off London by Thaddeus Valentine, a historian who is trying to resurrect an ancient atomic weapon.

Percy Jackson & the Olympians   by Rick Riordan
Young Adult Fiction—RIORDAN
    First Title: The Lightning Thief
Twelve-year-old Percy Jackson learns he is a demigod, the son of a mortal woman and Poseidon, god of the sea. His mother sends him to a summer camp for demigods where he and his new friends set out on a quest to prevent a war between the gods.

The Deltora Quest   by Emily Rodda
Juvenile Fiction Series—DELTORA #1
    First Title: The Forests of Silence
The evil Shadow Lord is planning to take over the land of Deltora and enslave all its people. In order to stop him 16-year old Lief and former palace guard Barda must find all seven stones from the magic belt of Deltora.

Rowan of Rin   by Emily Rodda
Juvenile Fiction—RODDA
    First Title: Rowan of Rin
Because only he can read the magical map, young, weak, and timid Rowan joins six other villagers to climb a mountain and try to restore their water supply, as fears of a dragon and other horrors threaten to drive them back.

Harry Potter   by J.K. Rowling
Juvenile Fiction—ROWLING
    First Title: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
Rescued from the outrageous neglect of his aunt and uncle, a young boy with a great destiny proves his worth while attending Hogwarts School for Wizards and Witches.

Septimus Heap   by Angie Sage
Young Adult Fiction—SAGE
    First Title: Magyk
After learning that she is the Princess, Jenna is whisked from her home and carried toward safety by the Extraordinary Wizard, those she always believed were her father and brother, and a young guard known only as Boy 412--pursued by agents of those who killed her mother ten years earlier.

The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel   by Michael Scott
Young Adult Fiction—SCOTT
    First Title: The Alchemyst
While working at pleasant but mundane summer jobs in San Francisco, fifteen-year-old twins, Sophie and Josh, suddenly find themselves caught up in the deadly, centuries-old struggle between rival alchemists, Nicholas Flamel and John Dee, over the possession of an ancient and powerful book holding the secret formulas for alchemy and everlasting life.

Leven Thumps   by Obert Skye
Young Adult Fiction—SKYE
    First Title: Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo
When fate brings fourteen-year-old Leven and thirteen-year-old Winter together, they discover that for mankind to continue dreaming, the gateway between reality and dreams needs to be found and demolished.

The Edge Chronicles   by Paul Stewart
Young Adult Fiction—STEWART
    First Title: Beyond the Deepwoods
Thirteen-year-old Twig, having always looked and felt different from his woodtroll family, learns that he is adopted and travels out of his Deepwoods home to find the place where he belongs.

Bartimaeus Trilogy   by Jonathan Stroud
Young Adult Fiction—STROUD
    First Title: The Amulet of Samarkand
Nathaniel, a magician's apprentice, summons up the djinni Bartimaeus and instructs him to steal the Amulet of Samarkand from the powerful magician Simon Lovelace.

The Enchanted Forest Chronicles   by Patricia C. Wrede
Juvenile Fiction—WREDE
    First Title: Dealing with Dragons
Bored with traditional palace life, a princess goes off to live with a group of dragons and soon becomes involved with fighting against some disreputable wizards who want to steal away the dragons' kingdom.

The Young Merlin Trilogy    by Jane Yolen
Juvenile Fiction—YOLEN
    First Title: Passager
A foundling rediscovers his identity through the help of the falconer who adopts him.

Tartan Magic   by Jane Yolen
Juvenile Fiction—YOLEN
    First Title: The Wizard’s Map
Three children visiting relatives in Scotland become involved in the plans of a diabolical wizard.

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