April 23, 2012

What I love about my library...

During the recent National Library Week the Friends of Neill Public Library put up a sign with heart-shaped post-its for patrons young and not-so-young to express in writing what they love about their library.  Here's a sampling of the sentiments:

Very helpful & knowledgeable staff.
Book Club in a bag. Used book sale. YA books!! The staff. 

I love listening to grown-ups reading to the kids!
Getting answers!
I love the friendly help I get at the Info desk.
Downloadable eBooks!
I like the dollhouse at the library. I like singing time and toys and storytime.
I like the library’s children’s computer.
Miss Kathleen, storytime, the selection, the kindle books.
The really helpful friendly staff!
To play with the dinosaurs.
I love all the large-print books!
 “It takes a community to raise a child.” – Thanks for being part of our community and instilling a love for literacy!
Ms. Kathleen! (and the great kids programs)
I love the very resourceful learning materials I can get at the library and the awe-inspiring book at the parent center. Keep it up. Good job.
That I get to check out books!
I can play and read. 

Wide selection of books.
I love picking out books & storytime.
I like all the Max & Ruby books.
Storytime is one of my family’s highlights of the week! My daughter loves it and the joys of story and song carries over into our home! Thank you!!
I love the smell of books.
Welcoming to a newcomer like me!
I like sitting in the big rocking chairs while the kids play.
Love the books.
Berenstain Bears and Heidi
I love everything about the library!
I like the library because you can play.
I love Mother Goose and storytime activities. It’s such a fun time activity. I have learned many nursery rhymes. Good job!!
I love the wonderful assortment of books!
I love how clean this library is!
I like reading.
I love the kids’ DVDs and books. Those are soooo good. Good luck!!
I love the book of Robin Hood.
I like the Hunger Games.
Trains, dinosaurs, and computers.
I love that the library has all the books in my favorite series.
I love the library because it’s fun to go to.
I love my library because the people are really nice.
I love the airy open atmosphere.
Love all the helpful staff. Love storytime. Wonderful. Thank you.
I love the great materials, friendly staff and fun programs!
We love storytime.
I like the fish. They make it a friendlier library. I like how you can use computers for help and research.
I like the different genres/categories. I like that they have multiple books from the same author. Also, it’s nice that they have DVDs.
I like: stickers, songs, board books.
I like to play at the Neill Public Library!
Being able to borrow kindle books!
I love books, CDs, movies, computers, magazines, etc, etc, etc.
I love all the light through the windows.
I love reading books here.
I love my library because I love coming here to hang out with my friends.
I like the books. (I’ll sit down and read all the books in the library!) I like storytime.
Love the staff & selection.
The awesome people who work here!!
I love storytime.
I like this library because there are so many books!
Books feed my soul.
I love all the good books and nice people that work here…
Audio books for my whole family!
Our library is fabulous – wonderful folks serve us well!!
Reading with Ms. Kathleen.
I love being able to renew books online.
I like the environment. Everyone is so kind.
I love the staff here! For grown-ups, they are so cool and also hip!
I love Thomas Jefferson watching over us!
I love all the books and video tapes! P.S.:  I also like the computer.
We have a terrific library. And our library staff is wonderful – the “BEST” place in town!

One of the library staff responded with a sentiment that all the staff share:
Our friendly, polite, happy patrons!! Patrons, fellow staff, and, of course, the books!! All make coming to work a joy!!! 

The library staff also enjoyed dressing up as book characters on Thursday.  Can you identify these characters??

On Friday a different group of characters showed up.

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