April 21, 2012

Wondering what to read next? See NextReads newsletter!

Neill Public Library brings a new service to you with our new NextReads e-newsletter!  It allows online browsing of the shelves and book displays to find something new to read right at home.

Currently, five newsletters are available: Kids' Books; Teen Scene; Fiction A to Z; Home, Garden, and DIY; and Readable Nonfiction. 

Each newsletter is aimed at a different audience or reading level: Kids’ Books will feature picture books, chapter books, and fiction and nonfiction books for children from birth through elementary ages.  Teen Scene will showcase books, both fiction and nonfiction, of interest for middle and high school students (or older readers who still enjoy Young Adult literature).  Fiction A to Z will include titles from a wide range of genres from the Adult Fiction collection, including, but not limited to, fantasy, historical fiction, inspirational fiction, literary fiction, mystery, science fiction, and romance.  These three are monthly newsletters.

Readable Nonfiction and Home, Garden, and DIY will be bimonthly publications; Readable Nonfiction, a genre which has gained popularity in the last few years, refers to nonfiction that reads like fiction (it isn’t the stuff you were forced to endure in school, it isn’t a text book, it isn’t instructional, but is interesting and engaging—think of Freakonomics by Steven D. Levitt or For All the Tea in China by Sarah Rose), and will run the gamut from psychology to travelogues.  Home, Garden, and DIY will call on our wonderful collections on how to build sheds and decks, how to make the most of container gardening, how to redo the wiring in the bathroom and install new counters in the kitchen, and even how to make gluten-free cupcakes.

Library users of any age can access any of these titles, and each newsletter will feature a mix of new titles and tried-and-true favorites.  No library card is necessary for library website visitors and patrons to subscribe to any of the different subject and genre newsletters for all ages.  List topics are published on a regular basis, and include about 10 titles. Patrons can subscribe to have any of the available newsletters emailed directly to their inboxes, or patrons can subscribe via RSS.  Even those library patrons without email addresses can take advantage of the lists by viewing them online, either at the library or from any Internet access point.

All of the titles featured in our newsletters are books or other resources we have on our shelves; they are available for you to check out or place on hold.  Subscribers with library cards can link directly to the library catalog from the lists and place a hold immediately.  Should you need help placing a hold, just call the Information Desk at 509-338-3254.

Newsletters will also include reminders about upcoming library events: special events such as the visit and book signing by local author and WSU professor Dirk Schulze-Makuch (April 24th, 5:30), or regularly occurring events such as Preschool Storytimes (Thursdays, 10:30) or Good Yarns (Fridays, noon). 

Fiction A to Z and Readable Nonfiction are now available via the Library’s website.  The next newsletter will be Kids’ Books, which will come out April 24th.

Visit Neill Public Library, in person or online at www.neill-lib.org, to sign up for NextReads Newsletters today!
by Sarah Morrison
Adult Services Librarian
published 4-21-12 in Moscow-Pullman Daily News

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