July 26, 2012

A Memo from the Director

Click the link below to read a memo from Joanna, our Library Director, to the Mayor and City Council, "in response to the city’s Levels of Services & Priorities review. It is a hefty, but substantive, 13 page document. [Joanna] will review this document with council on the 31st. Hope to see some of you there!"

Open the Document as a PDF.

Here's the jist:   
1.  The library is a core city government service.  
2.  The library offers essential and popular services, as demonstrated in the level of use and support given by the community.  
3.  Library services directly contribute to the vitality, beauty and livability of our community.  
4.  Library services directly contribute to the educational and quality of life needs of our community.  
5.  Based upon public demand and expectations of the many services provided by Neill Public Library, this service is a high priority.

Attachment A:  Neill Public Library Organizational Chart.  Click on the Image to Enlarge.

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