July 27, 2012

A Shout Out for Aaron's Shout Out!

As we approach the City Council meeting (7/31!), we at the library have felt your support.  So many patrons have come in to pick up reports, get numbers, ask questions about the advocacy, and share stories with us of how much NPL has meant to them.

We appreciate the people who speak for themselves, and also the people who speak for others-- the grown up who speaks for a pre-verbal child, and the neighbor or son who speaks for a homebound adult.

We received a copy of a letter, sent by a patron to the Mayor, City Council, and us, that touched our hearts.  That patron has since posted the letter to his own blog

Please ask your Information Librarian if you have any questions about the upcoming public comment sessions at City Council meetings.

Thank you for showing us your love.  You know we love you; it's why we're here!

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