July 23, 2012

Check 'em out

More reviews from patrons just like you!  This week is quite the mix, in many ways.  They are all short, by coincidence, so we've included a large number.  Enjoy!

Enslaved by Ducks by Bob Tarte.  4 and 1/2 out of 5.  "For anyone who has lived with an animal, this will be laugh out loud funny.  Might scare someone without animal experience, although children kind of count toward that experience."

The King in the Window by Adam Gopnik.  4 out of 5.  "I loved this book!  It had fascinating, mind-bending ideas.  Even though it's a Young Adult fiction, it's enjoyable for adults as well."

After the Train by Gloria Whelan.  3 out of 5.    "Young German boy discovers things about himself, his family, and his world.  Set [about] 10 years after WWII and deals with Jews in Germany."

A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink.  [no rating given.]  "Book is a bit dated.  I wonder if some of his right-brain claims are still valid given our economy, etc.  Presents interesting ideas but frequently overstates and doesn't always back up his claims.  Still, the ideas are worth thinking about!"
We found another review for this same title and author; so far, I think all the titles reviewed have been unique.  Amazing.
4 out of 5.  "I enjoyed this book.  I read it for a book club.  It opened my eyes about design and how the search for beauty affects us now-- and later.  It made me think about children and the sort of education traditionally served them-- and what will serve them best now.  The author gives lots of advice on other books, magazines, web sites, music, etc., to look into.  I just checked out magazines O!, Real Simple, and In Style on his recommendation."

Marked by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast.  2 and 1/2 out of 5.  "Good storyline, but it's like they're trying too hard to make it seem like teenage characters.  Putting in every comment or line they think for a given situation."

The Face by Angela Hunt.  [no rating given.]  "This book was a great read.  I loved the ideas it brought up about identity, emotional expressions, and concepts of beauty.  Very thought-provoking and fairly well-researched."

The Reluctant Heiress by Eva Ibbotson.  [no rating given.]  "Ibbotson's descriptions are perfectly apt and hilarious.  I never get tired of reading them.  Her resolutions are always unique and inventive.  I often recommend her books to friends."

The Yada Yada Prayer Group by Neta Jackson   [no rating given.]  "Jackson's main character is achingly relatable.  The conflicts and crises are all realistic.  Many instances and conversations gave me food for thought and inspired me to rethink some of my perspectives.  It was addictive!"

101 Rhythm Instrument Activities for Young Children by Abigail Flesch Conners.  5 stars!   "This book is a great tool in education parents/guardians how to teach children to use music.  The author communicates her expertise easily.  I'm buying this book."

Thanks to our first and fifth reviewers, who rated a book outside the box.  I live-- and love-- a very structured existence, so it's very refreshing for me to realize there are extra options besides what's on the paper.

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