July 19, 2012

Raise Your Voice for NPL!

Two weeks ago already (!), we shared information about Neill's Advocacy Campaign: 10-19-31.

10: 10 Questions. 
We have received over 300 responses to the survey so far!  Once we've finished compiling the information, this will give us vital information about what services are valued and used by YOU (and your family or household).  If you haven't taken the survey yet, we hope you'll do so, either linking from the library's home page, or in print at the library.

19: 19 July.
The library is hosting an open forum this evening (7/19).  We hope you'll take time to visit this evening, beginning at 7pm, to speak with the Library's Board and Management Team.  The Board and Management will be making tough decisions about how to handle our upcoming budget cut, but we need to hear from you before making those decisions. 

31: 31 July.
At a regular city council meeting, there will be time for the public to make comments to the City Council team.  Listen to presentations by city departments, including the library, on needed funding.  If you feel that funding the library should be a priority for the city, please consider showing your support by helping fill the room.

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