August 05, 2012

Thank you, Donors!

We receive many physical donations here at the library: children's books, adult fiction, movies, a little bit of everything, really.  Some of these items end up on our shelves for other patrons to check out; some of the items go to the Friends of Neill Public Library Book sale area, where they may find new homes and bring a little something in to the library in the process.  Most of these donations are dropped off anonymously; unless we see someone adding items to the donation wagon, we can't even say "thank you."  So, if you've ever made a donation to the library and we didn't catch you, let me say: THANK YOU!

I'm prompted to share this because, today alone, I see 12 seasons of various TV shows have been donated along with 5 audiobooks; last week, 9 seasons of different shows came through, along with other family, nonfiction, and entertainment DVDs.  This is a substantial donation when you consider that TV series can run up to $70, and Books on CD aren't generally less than $30. 

If you've never donated materials to the library, I encourage you to consider it for the future.  A book purchased for a plane ride, a book club read you finished, DVDs your family no longer watches: they can all find a home here at or through the library.  Many of our donations seem to be people moving and bringing in bags or boxes of items, but that's certainly not necessary.  Collections are built one book at a time.

Next time you check out an item with a "Gift from an Unknown Friend" sticker in the front, now you know that the item was an anonymous donation left in our little red wagon.  Thank you, donors, thank you! 

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