August 03, 2012

Thank you for your Advocacy!

This week, everyone in a public service position at the library has had dozens of people asking "So how was Tuesday?" referring to the July 31st City Council meeting where NPL presented information for our levels of service and priorities.  Joanna made an excellent presentation on behalf of the library, covering questions that Council members had asked in previous meetings about the impact cuts would have on patron services.

Over 60 members of the public were present, and many spoke out on behalf of the library.  You, our friends, really did fill the room: it was so packed that many people had to stand, waiting the two and half hours the meeting took to get to the public comment session.  I am only one of many library staff members tending to become emotional when I think of your support; even the silent support of filling a chair that night spoke volumes.

A video recording of the presentation is online here through the City Council's website.  Joanna's presentation for the library begins just at minute 114 and public comment begins about minute 150 with a statement by Chair of the Library Board of Trustees, William Brock.

If you would like to see the information packet given to Council for the Levels of Services and Priorities review, that is still available: click on the link from last week's post to open or download the document as a PDF.

We appreciate the kind words and sentiments that have been shared with us.  You have shown that we truly are YOUR community library.

The Community turned out for Victor Johnson's
Summer Reading Program Finale performance 7/26/12.

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