September 03, 2012

Greetings from (and to!) Cheryl

Last week, we got to know Katie a little more.  We'd now like to introduce, Cheryl, another new face in Circulation... and we do mean new: Cheryl started in late July and has recently finished her training.  We've all had to wear the "Staff in Training" badge, a very important part of getting ready to provide the best possible service.  It's a little bit terrifying and a little bit liberating to be without it (or it was for me, at least).  We're happy to have Cheryl behind the Circulation desk, where she checks books in after they've been used, checks books out to patrons, creates new library cards, and generally helps patrons with Locker Boxes, Book Club Kits, holds, manga, and just about everything else the library has to offer.  
Here's Cheryl's note to everyone:
Hi! I'm Cheryl Greenstreet, the newest addition to the Circulation Staff.  I come from a teaching background originally, earning a BA in Education at PLU in Tacoma, WA.  Teaching posts included Everett, WA; Dubuque, IA; and Shishmaref, AK.  Shishmaref is an Eskimo village that is 120 miles north of Nome.  What a unique experience to learn about the Inupiaq culture and live on an island 1/4 mile wide and 4 miles long a few miles below the Arctic Circle.  Sad to say that global warming is taking a huge toll on their life and village as the barrier island is eroded away.

I moved to this area in 1991.  I started library work at Webster School in Lewiston, then went to the branch library in Genesee, on to Moscow, then to Deary as Branch Supervisor.

I live in Colton with my retired husband, Bill, and Jane, Spot, and Pepper (2 Manx cats and a rescue dog).  Fabric art keeps me busy when I'm not at NPL.   I use many techniques to make my fabric art including dyeing fabric and thread, lettering, and painting fabric, using hand and machine stitch or traditional quilting methods .  The many books on CD allow me to work on projects and "read".  It is a great way to make the time fly when sewing or embroidering a repetitive/not-so-fun part of my most recent art piece.

I look forward to serving you next time you stop by the library.

Thanks for introducing yourself, Cheryl!  It's great to have you on the team!

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