May 09, 2014

How about a book for your mother?

I am always able to remember Mother's Day each year, even without glancing at a calendar.  Having been born on Mother's Day over half a century ago, the two celebrations are inextricably linked.  I always tease my mom by saying there is no gift I could ever give her that compares to the 7 pound 6 ounce bundle she birthed almost sixty years ago.  Like all good mamas, she always smiles and then adds, "You might be right." 

So, even though I know my mom enjoys my attempt at humor, I also know she loves to read and always has. So, I make sure that a package goes out via the US mail from me to her each May that contains a number of books for her to enjoy.  She's an eclectic reader, so I make sure to include a recent biography, a light mystery, a cookbook or two and some kind of crafting book as well.  Even though she will turn 80 this year, she can still out-cook, out-craft and out-read me any day of the week! 

Often, I'll get my inspiration of what to send her from perusing the new book shelves at the library. There's no shortage of titles to choose from across genres, as well as diverse topics of nonfiction.  So, whether you're looking for inspiration for yourself or others, I encourage you to make the library’s "new book shelves" a must-stop place.   If you're like me, the only challenge will be to try and make a manageable number of selections.  I seem to always need at least one or two bags to hold my latest selections.  So, here’s to Happy Reading and Happy Mother’s Day to one and all!
Children's Librarian

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