May 06, 2014

Planning a Summer Getaway?

If you're planning a trip-- or a few!-- this summer, keep in mind all the great resources available at the library to help you plan for a great vacation.

Are you traveling to a foreign country and looking for a great resource to learn about the people you’ll meet and the culture you’ll experience? Try CultureGrams free online through the library.  Get information on typical greetings, transportation, climate, history, and bunches more.

CultureGrams also has detailed information about all the U.S. States and Canadian Provinces, such as climate and geography, population facts, cultural notes, significant historical events, and even pro sports teams, so it's a great resource even if you aren't leaving the continent!

And of course you've read about our fantastic language-learning resource, Mango Languages.  With now 61 language courses, you can immerse yourself in the language of your travel destination, from Arabic to Yiddish.  The courses even differentiate between Latin American Spanish and Spain Spanish, and between French and Canadian French.  Learn a few phrases in Icelandic.  Take the entire course for Scottish Gaelic.

And of course, hit up the good ol' catalog for travel guides, language resources, and travelogues and memoirs, for physical materials inside the library and downloadable materials you can take with you on your trip.

Bon voyage, Hens diyogel, God tur, Trevlig resa,  and Lên đường bình an!

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