May 02, 2014

The best BBQ

Having spent a fair number of my adult years living in the southwest, I developed quite a taste and affinity for barbecue.  Now, if you want to get folks riled up and ready to spit-fight at the drop of a wooden spoon, all you have to do is say that one kind of barbecue is the best.  Uh-huh.  No way.  You see, there's good barbecue and fine barbecue and even knock- your- socks- off-barbecue, but there is no one one-taste-fits-all-barbecue, I assure you.

From tangy mustard to spicy Cajun and everything in between, there are barbecues just right for everyone's taste buds.  And May is the perfect month to drown oneself in the sauce, so to speak, because it’s National Barbecue Month.  So, head to the library to find some great recipes to try!

You can start with Steven Raichlen’s BBQ USA or check out The Kimchi Chronicles by Marja Vongerichten.  There’s no end to the delicious lip-smacking, napkin-needed-tasty- fun you can create!  So, get your grill going, your microwave ready or your Dutch oven piping hot.  It's barbecue time! Oh yeah!

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